We were so thrilled to help good friend and fellow blogger,Β Lauren Sullivant, out with a little surprise her for fiance we just HAD to blog about it!!

A couple of weeks ago, Lauren had stopped by to check out of sale and noticed that the amazing painting by Kelsey Winchester of Darren McFadden playing during the LSU game was one of the items on sale! Ryan, Lauren’s fiance, had his eyes set on this painting since the day it arrived in our store. Lauren snatched it up and created a fabulous ‘game plan’ to surprise Ryan later on in the day.

On Lauren and Ryan’s drive (a couple hours later) to her home town of Mt. Home Arkansas they stopped in to check out the store. Ryan was very discouraged to find that his beloved painting had a “Sold” tag with someone else’s name on it. (Little did he know it was our disguise name!) After taking a good look and Lauren grabbed the painting off the wall and started walking out of the store with a big smile on her face. Ryan was confused to say the least until she looked over her shoulder and told him she surprised him and the painting actually belongs to him!

Ryan’s new painting is proudly displayed on his apartment wall where it will be the first addition to his “man-cave” when they move into their house after their wedding!

Here’s an adorable picture of Ryan, Lauren, their new painting, and their adorable doggie, Paisley!

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