Will you be my friend?

I feel as if I went to sleep and woke up in the early 90s. I have fond memories of friendship bracelets, making them, trading them, and collecting them when I was younger. I wore them around my ankle, tied them onto the zipper of my pencil case, or stacked them up my wrist. To my joyful surprise, friendship bracelets seem to be making a comeback in bright hues to compliment the ever-so popular Spring trend. Starlets like Amanda Seyfried, Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie have been rocking their BFF Bracelets and so should you.

I consider myself a very lucky lady to be surrounded by a pack of lovely girlfriends and some who will be accompanying me at NWAFW where, you got it… we’ll be flaunting this spring’s fun and quirky trend with confidence!
So in the spirit of friendship, dig out your old school friendship bracelets as well as check out the darling Bfrend Friendship Bracelet’s Riffraff (www.facebook.com/RiffraffFayetteville) will retail this spring!  I’m a supah fan of all these fun colors and designs and the nostalgia they represent.  Be sure to check my blog next (www.kirstenblowers.com) next week for a chevron pattern tutorial for your own DIY BFF bracelet.

– love, Kirsten

2 thoughts on “Will you be my friend?

  1. Customer

    Kirsten, I have checked your blog but can't find the tutorial for the bracelet that you promised. Can you share the link? Thanks! 🙂

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