What’s a Love Box? We want to bring a little surprise to your life. Let us start your month with a sweet gift from us, to you. Our style team will carefully select one item of clothing matched with a lifestyle accessory. Not only will you receive two (or more!) of our favorite items, the soon-to-be bestsellers are exclusive to “Love, Riffraff” buyers for an extended period of time before debuting online. Also, we’ll toss in a style guide showcasing 3 ways to wear the items. This will all arrive at your door wrapped with love; the items included valuing at a higher price than your packaged sweet surprise. Bottom line: stay ahead of the game, save money, 3 looks for 1, and a box of happiness – what’s not to love.Β We simply need your name in the books by the 30th so all orders can be mailed on the first of each month! Β Pre-order your July Love box today at!

SummerSafariRevealed SummerSafariReavledStyle

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