5 Kitchen Upgrades You Can Make This Weekend

The weekends were made for crafting, cleaning, and getting around to fixing that thing that broke a couple weeks ago that you’ve yet had time to deal with. So, this weekend how about taking on the project of upgrading your kitchen? And on a budget! Here are 5 kitchen upgrades that you can get done in just one weekend but enjoy for years to come:

1.  Change Your Hardware

For a little money and not much time at all, you can update the look of your kitchen by simply changing out the hardware. Ditch those dingy, out-of-date cabinet knobs for something more modern or more fun!


2. Free Your Cabinets 

This is probably the easiest upgrade you can make and the best part of all… it won’t cost you a penny! Open shelving creates an open feel to the room. Pop off the doors of only your top kitchen cabinets. You don’t have to take them all down, just a few. But make sure the ones you take off are side by side (you don’t want it to look awkward). This allows you to show off those darling dishes you have hiding up there. Display your pretty kitchen pieces in the now open cabinets and stash away all those clunky pots and pans. Remember, you can always put the doors back on!


3. Paint Your Upper Cabinets

By painting only your top cabinets in a pop of color, instantly your kitchen is transformed! We dare you to use a bright blue or maybe a fresh yellow!


4. Paint the Inside of Your Cabinets

Remember those open cabinets of yours? Make them pop even more by painting the inside of them a bright color. Even if your cabinet doors are still on, do it anyways! It’s like a little secret hiding inside!


5. Paint Your Kitchen Ceiling

Surprise! Your kitchen ceiling shines! Instantly brighten up the room with a pop of color on the ceiling. How cool will that look?! This is the biggest task however, it will look really cool. If you decided to do this, make sure you have a lot of drop cloths.


Now what are you waiting for?! Start upgrading. Happy weekend!

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