OMG! She’s A Mrs.

We had so much fun celebrating Kirsten and Jordan this Saturday! We laughed, we cried, and weΒ partied all night. This is said about most weddings (but only true about this one), it was the most beautiful wedding ever seen. From the abundant floral arrangements to the shinny disco balls, yes disco balls, every detail was perfect. The dress, the bouquet, THE bride… all beautiful. Inside and out. It was a night filled with so much love and a lot of #riffrafflove! For more pics of the gorgeous affair, check out #stuckeypartyof2 on Instagram. Congrats to the most stunning couple!

10522217_341173866033150_1758291384_n 10560938_368990289922777_1457151617_n 10569990_1478637252383486_112648309_n 10597457_251978685012147_612624439_n 10549759_692542184114872_290407285_n 10570225_255250841339530_181705838_n

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