6 Ways To Stand Out In An Interview


So you got the interview. That’s awesome! But it’s just step one to a long process. Now you actually have to go to the interview, impress the boss man, and land the job. Don’t worry, you can do this. Sure it’s completely terrifying but with the right preparation and your totally cool personality, you’ll dominate that interview and land the job of your dreams. Study these 6 ways to stand out in an interview and let yourself do the rest:


Bring Ideas To The Table

Give them a taste of what it would be like having you around the office. Come up with fresh ideas to help improve the company before you even start. Make them realize that their company is missing an important piece to it’s overall growth.


Do Your Research

Show your potential boss that you want to be there. You know the company (because you’ve done your research, right?) so show them that you have put time and effort into understanding their business. Ask questions because they will appreciate that but also be able to answer their questions. The more you know about the company, the more you will impress them.


Show Your InterestΒ 

Again, ask questions. This cannot be stressed enough. Nothing will annoy an employer more than when they ask if you have questions and you say no. This will show a lack of interest. Even if that isn’t true, that’s how it will come off. Before the interview, write all your questions on an index card and study them!


Dress To Impress

It is of vital importance to look the part. Business professional people! If you’re not sure what that looks like, look it up. When you’re hired, you represent the company. The boss will not hire you if you don’t look the part. The first impression is made when you walk through that door. Unfortunately you will be judged before you even speak. Show up polished and once you land the job the dress code will most likely be more relaxed.


Be PreparedΒ 

We’re back to harping on those questions again. But this time we’re talking about their questions. You will be asked so many questions in one interview. Be ready. Google possible interview questions and study these. Be ready for anything that they could throw at you. Nothing is worse than staring them blankly in the face with no answer for them. And never, never, NEVER say “I don’t know”. Beyond the q and a’s though, be prepared in other ways, too. Always have multiple copies of your resume on hand. Have any reference materials with you and a portfolio is a major plus!


Effort Beyond The Interview

You did it. The interview is over. Or is it? Once you leave that room you still need to do all you can to stick in their mind. Follow up with a hand written thank you note. Get nice stationary (nothing tacky but don’t use a piece of ripped out notebook paper either), spell check please, and send it out in the mail! This is the last step to impressing your potential new employer. Now it’s a waiting game.

Have we scared you yet?Β No need to be. You’ve got this in the bag.

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