Tree Slab Side Table DIY

We’re feeling pretty crafty today so we thought we would build a side table. Okay, build is probably the wrong word to use, but we did make a pretty sweet side table out of a stool and a tree slab! This is a great DIY for any home or office space that needs a little “sprucing” up! This eclectic side table is extremely easy to make and will look awesome next to that lonely chair of yours. All you need is:

  1. A round stool (you can probably find one at an antique store or Walmart and you can always spray paint it if you don’t like the color)
  2. A round slab of wood from Hobby Lobby or if you’re a regular Paul Bunyan you could just cut down a tree
  3. Wood glue

It’s important to make sure that the wood slab is as large as or larger than the seat of the stool. Simply apply the wood glue to the wood slab and place it on the seat of the stool. Apply pressure and let dry. That’s it. It’s literally that simple. Now place your new tree slab side table next to a chair in your home and set pretty things on top!


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