Floral Letter DIY

We’ve just revamped the store adding all new Gameday and Greek Love apparel. We transformed the entire back room into a greek wonderland! It’s exploding with bright colors and overflowing with all new greek merchandise from t-shirts to stationary. We needed a cute way to break up each sorority making it easier to pick out which sorority’s merchandise you were looking to shop from. So, we decided to make floral letters for each one. All you need for this DIY project is:

  1. a few strands of different color flowers (we went to Hobby Lobby)
  2. cardboard letters for what you want to spell out (also from Hobby Lobby)
  3. a hot glue gun with plenty of glue sticks!
  4. and scissors

Cut each flower from it’s stem and apply hot glue. Quickly press the glued flower onto the cardboard letter and continue doing this with different color flowers until the letter is completely covered. Once all letters are done, find a fun place for them–maybe hang them on the wall or sit them up on a table! Head over to Riffraff to see all our sorority letters and while you’re there check out all our new Greek and Gameday apparel and other merchandise! Happy crafting!


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