How To Wear White This Winter And Not Look Like A Snowman

Wearing white after Labor Day is apparently a no-no but when done right, sporting all white is super chic for winter. We call them Winter Whites. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to wear winter white the wrong way… We’re not trying to look like walking snowmen. Here’s how to wear white the right way this winter and look like a fashion industry pro when doing so…


1. Wear cozy textures. When you layer on the white this winter, try white wool, mohair, cashmere, and cable knits. A furry white vest or coat will make you look like a snow queen!!

2. Go a shade off.Β In the case of winter white, this can also mean ivory, cream, and other variations of white. Try layering a cream overlay or cardigan over that stark white shirt. All bright whites can be blinding and too much for the cold season.Β White looks cold so you need something a little darker to add a sense of warmth to your look.

3. Embrace drama.Β When wearing white head to toe, you need to add some sharp contrast. Pair your winter white ensemble with a red lip or smokey eye. This will prevent you from looking washed out and getting lost in all the snow.

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