7 Staples For Fall

As we head into cooler weather, you’re going to need to update your wardrobe. We’ve put together a list of 7 staple items that you will wear again and again this fall/winter. With these 7 items, you’ll never wake up with “nothing to wear” again!


YOUR FAVORITE FLANNEL. The flannel shirt is a fall essential. One, it’s just really in style right now and two, there are multiple ways to wear a flannel. You can button it all the way up or throw it on over a shirt or, our personal favorite, tie it around your waist. The flannel can look chic when buttoned up and tucked into your jeans, or you can keep it causal (like the “I woke up like this” literally, look) by keeping it untucked and throwing it over your favorite graphic tee. Plus, a flannel is going to keep your warm when the cool weather starts to creep in.



YOUR GO-TO JEANS. You need to own at least a couple pairs of good jeans this fall/winter. You can’t wear sweatpants everywhere… We recommend having a skinny and a flare jean. The skinnies will be ideal for tucking into your tall boots while the flare jeans will look great with your little booties!



YOUR GRAB-n-GO JACKET. Don’t be caught in the cold without a jacket. This season, find the perfect jacket that you can quickly grab when you’re running out the door. Invest in something neutral to ensure that it will match with any outfit you have on!



YOUR CLASSIC LBD. You know you’re going to need one. Think about all those holiday parties you’re going to attend. Find a classic little black dress that you can throw on over a pair of tights… when it gets colder you’re gonna want something to keep those legs warm!



YOUR TOP ACCESSORY. Top off every outfit with a fall fedora! It’s good for 3 things… 1) it’s just plain adorable 2) it will keep your head warm and 3) it’s a great alternative to fixing your hair.



YOUR BEST BAGGAGE. A large bag for fall/winter is ideal for holding all those extra accessories you’re going to be carrying with you… Like gloves, a scarf, etc.



YOUR COOLEST KICKS. Booties are going to become your new best friend. They go with pretty much anything–jeans, shorts paired with tights, dresses, you name it. Invest in a neutral pair, like these black or brown ones, so you can wear them all season long.



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