Styles To “Fall” Back On

Knowing what to wear can be hard when heading into a new season. Questions like, “is this too summery?” occur a lot. The number one problem we face every day when we wake up is what to wear. We thumb through our closet (more than once), have a couple… okay a few, outfit changes, and sometimes give up and just go with the first outfit we tried on. We end up waisting a lot of our time in the morning and who needs that? Let’s solve this problem now before we get deeper into the season! Here are 5 (on trend) styles that you can “fall” back on and be happy about your outfit choice for the day:



Experiment with outerwear. It only gets cooler as the season moves on so have more than one coat in your closet this year. Play with different colors, styles, textures, and even lengths. At the beginning of fall it’s not so bad weather wise so start of with a vest. Once we near the winter months you’ll want something with a little more warmth so try a peacoat or a trench coat.

When in doubt, wear a hat. Feeling like your outfit isn’t quite complete? Top it off with a hat. Fall back on this trend when your statement necklace just isn’t enough or when you’re having a bad hair day…

Layer up. Layering, when done right, looks super chic and is always on trend this time of year. Start with a long, patterned shirt, throw a neutral sweater on over that, then slip into a jacket that matches. To finish off your layered look, wear fall’s favorite accessory, a scarf.

White is the new black. Of course we still love black and we’ll be wearing it a lot this season, but did you know white is going to be very popular, too? This will be one of those questions like “is this too summery?” and we are here to tell you no! Wear your favorite white denim jeans this fall! We dare you.

Follow the color trend. Pantone puts together a color palette for every season. This is a great tool for keeping up with the trends… use it! When shopping for your new fall wardrobe, be mindful of the “hot” colors for this cool season.

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