Two Ways to Wear Plaid with a Dress

Plaid is a huge trend for fall and clearly we cannot get enough of it! We’ve put together two outfits and incorporated a fall plaid into each just to show you how easy wearing a plaid can be. In both outfits, Catherine is wearing today’s new Pretty in Peplum navy dress (navy is going to be a great color for this season), an infinity scarf (which is fall’s favorite accessory), and two different plaids to finish it off (our Cinnamon Spice sequin flannel and Back to Cool plaid vest). In the first look she is wearing and oversized plaid flannel with sequin detailing. A look like this is going to be better for the chillier days of fall because of the long sleeves of the shirt. A fun way to wear this look would be to tie the flannel around the waist, it creates an easy but totally cute look. The second look is perfect for dipping your toes into the first chill of fall. It’s just chilly enough to wear a vest and scarf but yet still nice enough outside to keep those arms bare. This look is more fitted and put together. Which ever look you gravitate towards, you really can’t go wrong with either. Jump on this trend now on! All items are new arrivals!


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