What the Fall Pantone Palette Says About You


For over 20 years, Pantone has observed the designers of NYFW to bring us the most important colors of the upcoming season. This Fall’s muted palette consists of 10 specific colors that we should be wearing this season. Therefore, as you build your wardrobe keep them in mind… There is plenty of rhyme and reason to the color choosing and each color has it’s own specific meaning. Have you ever though about what the colors you are wearing represent? As you wear these colors this fall, here’s what are they saying about you?

Find the perfect color for you personality! (in palette order)


Radiant Orchid is the Pantone color of the year. This captivating and adaptable shade of purple expresses joy, love, and health. We all want to be joyful and healthy so this one is for you women youthful at heart and in age!

Royal Blue, what more can we say? The name says it all… This deep blue has a sense of richness with a touch of superiority. A color of this richness is for the classy women who hold themselves to a higher standard.

Aluminum, a futuristic stainless steel shade, serves as a complex neutral and represents as an impartial color. No matter who you are, this is a color to incorporate into your fall wardrobe…

Aurora Red is a more sophisticated shade of red obviously expressing sophistication with a sense of verve and spark. This is for all you sassy ladies out there!

Misted Yellow adds a ray of sunshine to this otherwise darker color palette. It’s a promise that spring is on it’s way. This delightful yet muted color portrays warmth and optimism. For the women with a glass half full… this hue is for you!

Sangria, just like the beverage, is an exotic color with a sense of adventure. To the women around the world always on a glamorous adventure, never staying in one place for to long… this color is calling for you.

Mauve Mist, as sweet as it sounds, is an elegant shade of purple which simulates a sense of femininity and empowerment. This color is for all the hopeless romantics out there…

Cognac, similar to Sangria, leads to glamorous illusions. It’s a cultured shade of brown that is very classy. If you’re a classy girl who enjoys a little adventure, cognac is the color for you!

Bright Cobalt, a twist on the traditional cobalt, has a slightly green undertone. This shade of blue is soothing, peaceful, and suggest a certain richness as well. All you cool, calm, and collected women… this is the color for you.

Cypress, as majestic as it sounds, has a towering presence to it’s color. This magnificent hue represents dignity and power. This is a color for every woman.


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