Sock It To Me


‘Tis the season of knee socks and boots! Now that fall is finally here, it’s time to bust out everyone’s favorite shoe… the boot. Tall boots, short boots, combat boots, you name it! And with boots come one of fall’s greatest accessories–the knee sock. Together, this cozy combination is right on trend for the season… “What’s the best way to pair these together” you ask? We’ll show you 3!



Combo 1. Wear your socks hiked up to the knee and pair them with a short bootie. This looks great with a short skirt and sweater combination!

Combo 2. When you’re wearing your tall boots you want your socks to peek over the top. Pull them up as high as they go then slip into you boots. Pair this combination with a skinny jean!

Combo 3. Almost the same as combo number 1 but this time… scrunch your knee socks all the way down to the ankle. A look like this goes great with a pair of tights and shorts!

We want to know… which combination is your favorite?!

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