Texas Just Got Bigger

In 2009, our fabulous owner, Kirsten Blowers Stuckey, opened Riffraff’s doors while being a full-time college student. Some of you may not know it, but back then Riffraff was a home decor and gift store. KB would spend hours painting and fixing up old furniture in her garage to sell them in her brand new store… hence the name, Riffraff. Come 2010, Riffraff moved to the Fayetteville Square where the store introduced clothing. On the opening night of our flagship store, there were only 6 tops to choose from. Growth began to develop and in 2012 shopriffraff.com was born in the attic of the store. Somewhere between all the inventory and the large pile of storage in the attic, the online store outgrew it’s home and in 2013 moved to a 3,000 sq. foot office space officially becoming the headquarters and home to 22 employees. One flagship store, a successful online store, and approximately 6 years in the making, it was time to expand beyond Arkansas into Texas… In 2014, Riffraff Dallas was born. With a number of employees, larger than Riffraff has ever seen, 5 packed their bags and headed for the Lone Star state. Riffraff Dallas opened it’s doors to the public Friday September 26th, 2014 at exactly 2 PM. Months of planning and preparation led to the most successful opening of Riffraff yet. From the overwhelming amount of customers to 5 of our favorite bloggers in appearance, the store was packed from wall to wall. We sipped on champagne and stuffed our faces with cupcakes all while celebrating the birth of a brand new Riffraff. A big thanks goes out to everyone who has supported us this far and to those who continue to spread the #riffrafflove. We couldn’t do it without you. A successful flagship store, a quickly growing online store, and a new store in a new city… you still haven’t seen anything yet. Riffraff has just begun.


For more photos from the opening follow @RiffraffDallas and #RiffraffDallas on Instagram!


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