Great Scott!

Where do we even start with today’s featured look? The fun plaid peplum or that fabulous hi-low skirt?! Top to bottom makes sense… We are all well aware of the obsession with plaid this season, so naturally, we are pretty excited about this piece! Peplums are always fun and with a plaid print there is no going wrong. No matter how casual the outfit, the peplum detail always helps to dress it up. However, there is nothing casual about that skirt… check out the detail! This twisted, hi-low skirt is unlike any you have hanging in your closet. We think the best way to describe it is fabulous. That’s how it got it’s name anyways… Our Great Scotts Plaid Peplum and Wrapped in Fabulous Skirt are both new arrivals on now!

Dodo1 Dodo2 Dodo3 Dodo4 Dodo5 Dodo6

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