Steal vs. Splurge

For all you girls on a budget (we’re right there with ya), we’re bringing you the best of the best in high quality knock offs! From Burch to Birks, we’ve got all the things you’re dying to have but without killing your bank account!


Kendra Knock-Off Dangle

Unless you’re dangling $60 in front of us, we’re not spending that much on some earrings when we can get them for half that! Check out our $36 Kendra Scott knock-offs! We’re loving the turquoise but they also come in black, clear, maroon, and mint!



Morgan Knock-Off Stock Sandal

They may not have the word Birkenstock pressed into their footbed, but our Morgan stock knock-offs look just like the real thing! Not only are they pretty on the feet but pretty on the wallet, too. How does $32 sound for a pair of sandals that would cost you $120 for the real thing? And we carry them in black, leopard, and floral!



Tory Knock-Off Mini Clutch

We love a good Tory. However, once we splurge on a mini cross body clutch, we won’t have any money left to put inside our new cross body clutch… Let’s knock it down from $300 to $52 dollars. Take your pick… blackΒ or cream?



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