Raising the Barre

Can you think of anything better than a balanced, total-body workout to de-stress yourself after a long day of work? Now we’re not talking about going to the gym and pumping a bunch of iron… We’re talking about a workout that incorporates low-impact movements designed to burn fat, build muscle and break through plateaus. A workout that is designed to transform the body to one of equal balance, strength and flexibility. Sounds relaxing, huh? It’s called Barre3 and there is a studio right here in Fayetteville! Last week, we Riffraff girls pulled on our yoga pants, tied up our tennies, and hit the gym with 6 lucky winners (and their plus ones) for a fun and vigorous yoga/Pilates inspired workout! Now we believe in treating yourself after hard work so, thanks to Berry Natural and MIA Tarts, we quenched our thirst with organic juices and indulged ourselves in delicious tarts! Isn’t this how every workout should be? If you and your co-works need to unwind after work, this is the bar to hit! Check out our night at the gym and click here to find out more about Barre3!

A special thanks to Megan, Barre3 Studio Owner, for kicking our butts and supplying our winners with a 1 month unlimited pass to Barre, to Berry Natural and MIA Tarts for the delicious treats, our 6 winners and their plus ones for constantly sharing the #riffrafflove, and to our own PR Director Leah for putting it all together! Stay up to date with these local businesses by following them on Instagram: @barre3ar @berrynatural @miatarts

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