All That Glitters Is Gold


Some say all that glitters isn’t gold but here at Riffraff we’re the glass half full kind of gals and if it glitters it sure as heck is gold! We get really excited over anything gold and anything sparkly. One piece of gold confetti and you better cover your ears… in a room full of girls the shrieks are deafening. We would tell you that it’s possible to get work down without our gold office supplies but then again we really don’t want to lie to you. Gold is an essential to getting anything done around here. We can’t fully function without it. Take one walk around the office and you’ll be dripping in it, too. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE color. However, there is something so clean line and minimalistic about black, white, and touches of gold. Hey, how many times and we say gold in one paragraph?!

Don’t forget you daily dose of AWESOME! Carry something gold with you every day!


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