6 Ways To Wear Your Plaid Top This Fall

So it’s pretty apparent that we’re all mad about plaid around here. A plaid flannel is our go-to item this season and you’re sure to see one tied around a least one of our waists (if not more) any time you come down to the office. More than likely we’ll wear our favorite plaid top more than once in a week… Β Don’t judge. We treat it like a blue jean. And how many times do you wear your favorite blue jeans in one week? Yeah. However, we came to the conclusion that if we are going to wear the same plaid button up over and over again then we at least need to add another statement piece to our outfit just to mix it up a bit. Now that it’s October, it’s time to really start busting out the jackets and sweaters. Here are 6 outwear items we love to pair with our plaids!


The military jacket… Another fall must-have. It only makes sense to pair the two together.



Throwing a sweater over your button up is super chic. We especially love this sweater because it still allows the plaid to be seen in other places than just it’s collar.



It’s not fall without a vest and we truly believe that vests were made to be paired with a plaid button up.



As if the plaid button up wasn’t edgy enough… we just pushed it off the ledge with this leather jacket!



When your outfit doesn’t quite feel complete you know you can alway count on a cardigan.



Remember us talking about blue jeans earlier? What better way to pair your two favorite staple items together. Denim and plaid is always the perfect match.


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