Why We Love Turtlenecks


Besides being the closest thing to a Snuggie that is acceptable to wear outside, there are many reasons why turtlenecks are going to quickly become a staple item in your closet this fall. The best sweaters are the ones that you can snuggle yourself into, feel totally comfortable in, and yet still look fashionable and well put together in. The best sweater for the job is a turtleneck. Hands down they are the most chic sweaters out there. This style dates back to the 15th century, and in the 20th century they began to become associated with academics, philosophers, intellectuals and artists. See, like we said, CHIC! Plus they’re like a two-in-one… a scarf and a top all knitted together into one! Style made simple.

These high-necked silhouettes are essential pieces for anyone who is up-to-date on the latest street style trends AND they are all over the fashion blogging world! Have we convinced you yet? Check out our turtleneck collection and add your favorites to your wardrobe!


10-6westvillagesweater_turtlenecksweater-front 10-6westvillagesweater_blackturtlenecksweater-front

10-6westvillagesweater_greyturtlenecksweater-side 97knititdontquitit_blackturtleneck-front

See one you like? Click it to shop!

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