Purrfect in Print

Okay, so we’re hitting you with a lot on a Monday morning but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Three stellar pieces in one outfit. We know, it seems impossible to create an outfit this good on a Monday, but we promise… it’s not only possible but easy, too! We’re starting off by mixing colors with two basic pieces. What better way to start off your week in a comfortable t-shirt and a pair of shorts?! We’ve paired this soft navy blue tee with a unique pair of maroon shortsΒ to create some color blocking in the overall look. However, with two solids we need a print. To make this outfit purrrfect,Β our stylists added a leopard blazer. Who says blazers have to be all work and no play?! With 3 easy pieces we’ve managed to create an outfit that’s not only comfortable but one that looks great and holds a lot unique elements! Our Purrfect Leopard Blazer, Flirty Skirty Short, and Read It and Write It Top can all be found on the new arrivals page on shopriffraff.com!

Abby1 Abby5 Abby4 Abby3 Abby2

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