Our Favorite Scary Movies


It’s fun to get spooked every once in a while and what better time than in October! With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start getting in the mood with our favorite scary movies! Here are our favorite picks:

kirsten’s pick: mr. brooks – “because it’s a psychological thriller which is the best kind of thriller!”

morgan’s pick: hocus pocus – “i’m not into scary movies but hocus pocus hands down is my favorite halloween movie. after all, it’s a classic.”

courtney’s pick: pet sematary – “no, that’s not a typo. and what’s more scary than a zombie child?! you can’t go wrong with stephen king on halloween!”

leah’s pick: halloween town – “i hate scary movies. i’ll stick with the disney channel on halloween. halloween town 1 is a safe bet and my childhood favorite!”

ashley’s pick: the shining – “it’s a halloween classic. 146 minutes of psychological horror. jack nicholson and stephen king for the win.”

kitty’s pick: charlie brown and the great pumpkin – “scary movies? i live alone. enough said. and i just love linus.”

lindsey l’s pick: paranormal activity 2 – “are you kidding? that’s real life.”

lindsey c’s pick: casper – “i get scared easy so i’ll stick with ghosts that are cute not scary.”

Clearly we have a few scaredy cats in the office… What’s your favorite scary movie?!

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