TBT Halloween Edition

With Halloween coming up… TOMORROW, we thought it’d be fun to share some tbt Halloween photos of our Riffraff HQ girl gang! From showgirls to pretty princesses, we’ve have quite the mix of creative costume. Check out the shopriffraff gals from way back when…

Alex as a show-stopping showgirl! How about those purple polka dots?! ▼


How adorable is Kelsey in her little Baby Bop onesie?! ▼


Check out Kirsten as a puppy for sale! Who wouldn’t adopt that sweet face?! Also, she wins the award for most creative costume! ▼


Ashley as Rose Dewitt Bukater. She was beyond her years… Titanic fan since ’97 ▼


Kitty as a ballerina princess. If you know her then you know this suits her well… She even dressed up her puppy! ▼


Our sassy Leah as a pretty pretty princess all dolled up in pink and pearls! ▼


Our southern belle Lindsey C. as Belle from Beauty and the Beast! ▼


They’re just as adorable now as they were back then!

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