Grand Entrance

Abby is making a grand entrance in this duo today (can you see that smoke?!)! There’s a lot of hot coming from that little romper with a little extra warmth from this fleece lined vest! Our favorite way to wear a romper in the winter is to pair it with a few winter like pieces. And a warm cowhide vest like this one is just what we mean! Rompers make perfect party pieces but you’ll need something to keep you warm and you can’t just throw on that old coat that’s been hanging in the coat closet… Dress it up with a stylish outer piece so that you can make a statement before your coat even comes off… or in this case, vest. We know you have a vest obsession because we do too! And this is definitely one to hang in the closet (in front of all the rest)! Snag our new Ain’t A Yankee vest and Grand Entrance romper on today!

Abby-dailylook1 Abby-dailylook2 Abby-dailylook3 Abby-dailylook4 Abby-dailylook5

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