Such A Delight

So you can bet we’ve been stocking up at the super market lately buying fresh produce and other necessities, but we won’t be sipping on fruit smoothies out of an umbrella straw anytime soon… As much as we wish we were buying pineapples for that cinnamon garnished piΓ±a colada, we still have a few weeks left of cold weather. Even though we fought the crowed lines at the market getting enough hot chocolate to get us through the snow storm, we can still dream about the sunny days ahead! And, when that time comes, you can bet you’ll find us drinking on a strawberry-banana smoothie in this hot pink peplum! Dreaming of this brings us so much delight… and speaking of delight, find our new Such a Delight hot pink peplum dress on shopriffraff.comΒ now, and start dreaming of sunny days with us!

Maggie-dailylook1 Maggie-dailylook2 Maggie-dailylook3 Maggie-dailylook4 Maggie-dailylook5 Maggie-dailylook6

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