Slow Motion

We feel like we’re moving toward spring in very slow motion. Just as it seems like it’s going to get warmer, it starts to get colder. While the weather can’t make up it’s mind, we’ve had ours made up for weeks now… It’s time for warmer weather, lighter layers, and brighter colors! Although we’re still layered up in long sleeves and cozy sweaters, we’re done shopping for winter. Our closets are starting to fill up with short dresses, colorful tones, and open toe shoes! If you’re ready to move past the bitter cold with us, then you’re going to LOVE today’s new colorful arrival! Bright, breezy, and with a bow back, this new dress is just what we can’t wait to wear this spring! Find our Slow Motion bow dress on now!

SJ -dailylook 1 SJ -dailylook 2 SJ -dailylook 3 SJ -dailylook 4 SJ -dailylook 5

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