Cool Breeze, Please

We’re really looking forward to the time of the year when we can actually enjoy that cool breeze when it hits our body rather than freezing at the first gust. We’re looking forward to when the weather man says it will be 75 and sunny with a slight breeze to cool us down. And ultimately, we’re looking forward to loosing all the layers and bringing back the comfy, lightweight maxi dress that we miss so much! You know, that oversized t-shirt like maxi with the slits up the sides… Oh, you don’t have one? Well, maybe not yet. When this time finally comes, a dress like this is exactly what you’ll want to we wearing. Paired with your favorite slip-on sandals and a fedora, you’ll be ready to take on the heat and enjoy that cool summer breeze! Our Cool Breeze knit maxi dress is on now!

Maggie - dailylook1 Maggie - dailylook2 Maggie - dailylook3 Maggie - dailylook4 Maggie - dailylook5

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