My Favorite

As we transition from winter into spring we all know the weather is completely unpredictable. One day it’s in the 60s and the next there is an inch of snow on the ground. There are also those days when it starts off chilly in the morning but really warms up come the afternoon. On days like these it’s extremely difficult deciding what to wear. Your first instinct is to really bundle up in your winter clothes but then by the afternoon you’re wishing you could shed some of those layers. During this awkward transitioning period it’s nice to have pieces that you can depend on. Easy, versatile pieces that will keep you cozy but also ones that you can shed no problem. That’s why we call today’s piece  “My Favorite Hoodie”. It’s super comfortable and keeps you cozy but is also lightweight and easy to take off and simply tie around your waist when the warm afternoon temps start to set in. And, it’s great for layering over tees or tanks just like the one our stylists paired it with today. Still wondering why it’s our favorite? Because this head to toe look just solved the unpredictable weather conundrum! Find our Layer Me Up knit tank and My Favorite Hoodie on today’s new arrivals on!

Maggie - dailylook1 Maggie - dailylook2 Maggie - dailylook3 Maggie - dailylook4 Maggie - dailylook5 Maggie - dailylook6

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