Get Ready for Gingham

Dressing for the transition between winter and spring is no picnic, but we’re doing all we can to find pieces that will make it easier for you! Pieces that have the feel of winter but look of spring. So when we found this red gingham puff vest we knew we had something good up our tight piko sleeve! It’s just enough of a puff to keep you warm throughout the rest of this cold weather but has the print and bright color palette of spring! Paired over a long sleeve piko or your favorite shirt, this look will have you forgetting about winter and looking forward to springtime in no time. Before you know it you’ll be enjoying warm weather, picnics in the park, and all the other things we love about spring! Get ready for gingham because there is much more were this vest came from. Check out the Getty for Gingham vest in more color options on!

Abby - dailylook1 Abby -dailylook2 Abby -dailylook3 Abby -dailylook4 Abby -dailylook5 Abby -dailylook6 Abby -dailylook7

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