Pinterest Closet

You know when you’re on Pinterest, scrolling through all the great looks under the “Women’s Fashion” category pinning everything you see and you think, “it would be so nice if my Pinterest closet were my real closet”? Of course you know what we’re talking about… it’s a daily routine. And, when you can’t decide what to wear, you go back to your “dream closet” board and try to find which of the 50+ outfits you’ve pinned that you can actually recreate. You wish you could just reach your hand into the computer screen and grab exactly what the woman is wearing in the picture. We’re sorry to tell you that it’s not that easy but, we do have a trending on Pinterest look that you can get with just a click of a button! The super popular Wifey tank is back! Paired with ripped up jeans and a splotchy denim button up, our featured look is even better than all the ones you’ve pinned so far! So head over to your Pinterest, pin this look, then click here to get this look! So the next time your scrolling frantically through your “dream closet” board to find the perfect outfit, remember that you already have it! Head over to now to shop more great looks!

SJ -dailylook1 SJ -dailylook2 SJ -dailylook3 SJ -dailylook4 SJ -dailylook5 SJ -dailylook6 SJ -dailylook7 SJ -dailylook8


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