Early Spring

When getting into the early days of spring and that first happy day hits when it gets into the 60s, we can’t help but completely lose it and dig out our favorite tees and denim shorts–it’s hard to remember that it’s not going to be that warm. In the days of early spring it’s still critical to layer. That’s why we opt for the sweater and shorts combo! This way we can still stay warm while shifting into our spring and summer favorites like the denim short. To give you an idea, a cable knit like this is the perfect sweater to pair with your cutoffs. The turtleneck adds a little extra warmth while making the look totally on trend and fashion forward. A good tip to remember: layer a light shirt under your sweater in case the temp does rise to great heights and you can shed some layers to stay cool! Outsmart the tricky transitional weather with our Much Love braided sweater on shopriffraff.com!

Maggie -dailylook1 Maggie -dailylook2 Maggie -dailylook3 Maggie -dailylook4 Maggie -dailylook5 Maggie -dailylook6

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