The Printed Pant: Poppy Blossoms

You know those days when you feel like getting “dressed up” but you’re not really feeling a dress? Jeans can be a little too casual and those black slacks of yours… well, those are just too boring. We know you know what we’re talking about because we’ve all been there, probably already twice this week and it’s only Wednesday. So, on days like these, opt for the printed pant. Why? Because the moto for the printed pant is: for when you want “dressed up” without the dress! A pant like the ones we are featuring today, take your boring black slacks to a whole other level. With a poppy print like floral, you can take your work day blouse (and your actual work day) from drab to fab! The best part, you’re totally comfortable all day! Here’s to no more Plain-Jane black slacks, grab the new Poppy Blossoms printed pant on now!

Abby -dl1 Abby -dl2 Abby -dl3 Abby -dl4 Abby -dl5

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