Get Your Kicks

We all have an obsession with something. Puppies, romantic comedies, our phones… or maybe shoes. That’s ours. Shoes. Flats, wedges, sneakers, sandals… you name it! One pair just isn’t enough. Sure those leopard print slip-ons look great with those denim cutoffs, but what about little black dress you’re wearing out Friday night? That one calls for a cute wedge. Maybe in a pop of mint or a fun print like floral! Don’t get us wrong, we love clothes too, but shoes… the shoes are what put the entire outfit together. Kind of like ice cream. It’s not a sundae without the cherry on top. But we love shoes so much that sometimes we start there first. Why not start with the best thing first and build your wardrobe from there?! It’s like eating your dessert first! So whether your obsession is a cute puppy or a great rom-com, we all get our kicks in something! Shop our collection of shoes on right now!

FannieCrossStrapSandal-1LOGO FannieCrossStrapSandal-2LOGO FeelinLuckySandalHeel-1LOGO FeelinLuckySandalHeel-2LOGO LoungeShoe-1LOGO LoungeShoe-2LOGO RetroGardenPlatform-1LOGO RetroGardenPlatform-2LOGO RiverShoe-1LOGO RiverShoe-2LOGO

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