Bucket List

We have a lot of things on our bucket list this summer… Like road tripping it with our best friends, spending countless day out on the lake, and possibly attending a Beyoncé concert, of course. As we’re constantly stalking the internet for tix to see our or girl, we’ve got a few other things on the list, too. Like buying a new summer wardrobe! With a new summer look, we’re starting with a little bling. Gold dripping chains, big shiny gems, and brilliant blue stones. Like we said yesterday, shoes may be the cherry on top but jewelry are the sprinkles–fun, bright, and the perfect finishing touch! So as we’re picking out new summer styles, we have to make sure that we have the perfect jewelry to go with them. Pieces that Queen Bey herself would approve of. Check out a few of our favorite pieces below and get them yourself on shopriffraff.com!

Jewls1LOGO Jewls2LOGO Jewls3LOGO Jewls4LOGO Jewls5LOGO Jewls6LOGO Jewls7LOGO Jewls8LOGO Jewls9LOGO Jewls10LOGO

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