Gameday Guide: It’s Time to Tailgate

You know summer is coming to an end when you start to see all the school supplies come back in to the stores. Big signs read, “Shop Back-to-School”,  and as you read them you get that sinking pit in your stomach. You start making a checklist of everything you have to buy, examples: backpack, notebooks on notebooks, pens (2 packs because you’ll chew the first one up), an ugh… scantrons for all those horrid tests. The list goes on and on but then you remember, with a new school year comes all new clothes. The most important of these? Gameday clothes! You suddenly remember that fall doesn’t mean the start of school. It means the start of something greater–football season! And with tailgate season coming up on us as quickly as a defensive end comes up on a quarterback, you need to get all your Gameday gear together! Well, good news. We don’t have a fat, heart-breaking “Back-to-School ” sign… We have a huge, make-your-heart-happy, “It’s Time to Tailgate” sign. Our Gameday line has officially reached kick off and it’s live right now! Shop last year’s favorites and all new styles from our new Gameday Guide: It’s Time to Tailgate! Happy Football Season!

IMG_5433 IMG_5507 IMG_5585 IMG_5599 IMG_5646 IMG_5663 IMG_5717 IMG_5759 IMG_5808 IMG_5828 IMG_5850 IMG_6135 IMG_6165 IMG_6177 IMG_6323 IMG_6382 IMG_6390 IMG_6417 IMG_6432

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