Check Up

Everyone is familiar with spring fever, but let it be know, fall fever is an illness that is just as real and just as serious. Well, we’ve (self) diagnosed, and this sickness is fueled by felt fedoras, high-low dresses, and checkers–lots of checkers, like today’s featured look! When we start to think of fall, darker colors, checker patterns, and felt fabrics come into play and that is why today’s look is giving us such a fever. We can’t wait to wear all these things and this look combines all 3. You say, “well it’s still summer” and yes, but while that is true we know you’ve got the fever creeping up on you, too!Β You may want to do a check up yourself because this fall fever is highly contagious. Good news, the cure awaits with the new Check Yes cross cross dress on! Shop now, feel better later!

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