Britney Got Back

There are plenty of things we miss about the 90s–like Tamagotchis, Jen and Brad, and denim on denim domination. Sure, we’ll rock a Canadian tux every now and again but it’s nothing like a Britney and Justin duo. Okay, okay… that might be a bit much. We don’t really want that look to come back in style, but we’re here to tell ya that Britney got back and in a good way! Unlike her denim gown, this new head to toe denim piece is much sleeker, more sophisticated, and very chic–it’s a denim jumpsuit! But not just any jumpsuit… It zips together in the front giving the illusion that these two pieces are one, but in the back, it has a sexy yet chic cutout where the pieces don’t get zipped together. Really neat touch, right? Cuffed sleeves and legs, a pleated waist line, and pockets (yes, pockets), this new jumpsuit two-piece is like nothing you’ve ever owned before. The wonderful quality of this piece makes it sophisticated enough to wear to work and sleek enough to wear out for drinks with friends. Paired with our favoriteΒ Nugent bootie, this is the kind of denim on denim look we’ve been waiting for. Shop the new ‘Britney Got Back’ denim set on now!

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