The Jean Skirt

It’s been awhile since jean skirts have had a major moment, so we’ve decided it’s time to bring them back. This time, with a little upgrade. You remember the denim skirt as the 9os go-to you paired with tight tanks and plaid shirts. But, just like everything else from the 90s, it hit it’s demise. However, just as many things from this time are making a comeback (chokers, deep berry lips, jelly sandals), the denim skirt is, too. Only this time with a little more class (if you will), and more edge. This hip-hugging, penciled jean skirt accentuates all the right places for a sexy-classic look while the distressed wash and razor cuts add just the right about of edge. Paired with a classic striped top, it gives this edgy look a few clean lines. Casual Friday? We’d say heck yes! Night out on the town? We’d say you bet! Bring back the denim skirt–shop the new Alek distressed denim skirt and the knit split tee on now!

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