Keep It Simple

Monday’s are hard. After a fun weekend of sleeping in and just taking it easy, it’s really hard to get back into the swing of things. It’s all about getting back into a routine, which you’ve totally forgotten about over the last two days, of waking up early, getting back on schedule, and focusing on school and/or work. Our advice to you: keep it simple. When that alarm sounds at the crack of dawn you’ve got enough problems to worry about and dressing yourself shouldn’t be one of them. There’s nothing a plain white tee and some comfy jogger pants can’t fix. Today’s white tee is your new grab-and-go-out-the-door top that you can literally wear with anything. But if we were to pick our favorite piece to pair it with, it would be these new leopard print joggers! Because what’s better than feeling like you’re in your favorite sweatpants all day long? Oh, the leopard print–that’s what’s better! So next Monday morning reach for these two items. Grab the new ‘Keep It Simple Pocket Tee’ and the ‘Snow Leopard Printed Pants’ on now!

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