Total Babe

What can we say about this look other than “OMG“? From the round glasses to the pointy-toe boots (just a fancier way of saying from head to toe), this look is total babe status. And we know the suede skirt has been on your radar ever since it remerged from the 70s (aka recently), so we decided to deliver. Paired with a simple, white ribbed swing tee, it allows the skirt to be the star of the show, as it should be. However, we don’t need to remind you that it’s fall–the cooler weather will do that for us–so you need an equally as cool piece to wear over this outfit to keep you cozy. Remember the ‘Get Out 0f Town Cardigan’? Well it’s back, but this time in a new color. It’s the outerwear layer you’ll reach for again and again this season and it may just be as much as a key piece as the suede skirt. With all 3 pieces styled together, this outfit makes for one total stunner… But this street style can’t strut the sidewalks alone–it needs a fancy shoe to do it in so we paired it with these new suede boots. Seeing the trend here? This straight from the street style is begging to be let into your closet so shop the look now on!

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