That 70s Vibe

A button up suede skirt, a flowy black blouse, and some platform shoes ready to hit the disco, we’d say today’s featured look is throwing us a 70s girl vibe. This 70s-inspired (but not overly retro) outfit features an A-line suede skirt that has stolen our hearts. With sweet scallop detailing along the hemline of this soft camel suede, it’s bringing this once-old-but-new-again trend to a whole other level… One scallop at a time. Paired with a flowy black blouse, this duo makes the perfect pair to bring in another piece we can’t help but crush on. For the love of fur, no outfit is complete this time of year without a fur vest. Tied in with the blouse and skirt, this black, cream, and camel colored printed vest pulls the entire look together. So grab your ‘Party on the Platform’ wedges and your Penny Lane glasses, because this 70s style is ready to hit the dance floor. Shop all 3 new arrivals on now!

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