Mighty Refreshing

We can all agree that starting a new month can feel mighty refreshing, right? We can flip the page in our agendas putting the last one behind us and look forward to another 30 days (give or take) filled with sleepovers with your best friends, long nights at the library (ugh), Saturday nights out on the town, and lazy Sundays curled up on the couch. And we plan on doing all these things and more in a deliciously cozy pullover–a Coca-Cola pullover! And since it’s November, the month to be thankful, we’re thankful for all new Wildfox and our favorite soda pop! So here’s to a month full of friends, family, food and a lot of fun… And these are things we can all pop-a-top for–a Coke top that is! Shop the new ‘Mighty Refreshing’ sweatshirt from Wildfox on shopriffraff.com now and enjoy a refreshing Coca-Cola in a bottle!

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