Join Our “Book Club” #RRHQreads

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We’re starting a book club and we want you to be in it.  And before you back away because you “don’t-need-another-commitment-right-now” and you “wish-you-had-time-to-read-but-just-don’t-see-it-happening” and you “already-said-no-to-this-other-book-club”, did we mention that we’re reading MAGAZINES?! So it’s actually more like a mag club, but we’re gonna stick with book club because it sounds better.

At RRHQ we all loved the idea of reading the same material and being able to discuss it together, but had trouble when it came to choosing a book and committing to actually reading it. Time is valuable, ya feel? So the idea of a book club came and went. And then someone said “What if we read magazines instead?” … and we said “YES.”
Our HQ team is pumped about #RRHQreads and we want our friends and customers to be too. Everyone can find a little bit of time to grab a mag and flip through it throughout the month. This is an easy and realistic way to add culture and community to your daily lifestyle without the stress and pressure of commitment.
Towards the middle-end of the month, our team will vote on which magazine we will read for the upcoming month and announce it on our blog and social media! Disclaimer: we will sometimes judge a magazine by its cover.
Throughout the month, we will feature lifestyle posts on our blog and instagram that discuss stories, articles, and style from that month’s issue.
YOU simply need to buy a mag and join the discussion by posting your own thoughts on social media or commenting on our blog posts! Be sure to include #RRHQreads and we’ll select our favorite posts to receive the next month’s mag for FREE.
We seriously can’t wait to read together and hear what you think!
First issue: Porter Winter Escape 2015, Cover: Emma Watson
Alex and @RiffraffHQ

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