The One Piece Wonder

Let’s talk about jumpsuits. The one thing I know about them is that they’ll never go out of style because who doesn’t love an entire outfit in one?! I know we’ve all had THAT morning…you wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day, walk into your closet and stare blankly at the rack of clothes only to discover that you have nothing to wear. Enter: the jumpsuit! Saving you from making a decision about what pants to wear AND a decision about what top goes just right with them, minus the hassle of a dress. (Okay so I really know 2 things about jumpsuits) The second thing is that there is an entire feature on jumpsuits on page 55 of the #RRHQReads magazine of the month, Porter! Porter claims to be the “ultimate fashion inspiration” so how can we not acknowledge their shout-out to the jumpsuit. The section “the art of style” takes inspiration from the world’s most stylish women. Garance Doré, fashion photographer, illustrator, writer, blogger and self-proclaimed queen of jumpsuits, says:

“The one-piece jumpsuit is probably one of the easiest pieces to wear and it also carries a lot of cool potential if you choose it well.”

Doré loves to wear jumpsuits and feature them on her blog because when it comes to styling jumpsuits—the sky is the limit!

You can throw on some sneakers and add some layers for the day….


…And then switch them out for some flashier jewelry and heels to really make it pop for the evening!

IMG_0129 (1)

This slouchy jumpsuit works for every body type and every occasion.
Head over to and snag the ‘up to date slouchy jumpsuit’ for the next time you’re stressing about finding a comfortable outfit that can go from day to night in a hot minute.

Written by Kynzee Smith, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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