Riffraff Turns 7

Last week we got to celebrate Riffraff’s birthday! To read up on our history & how we got started click here! To ring in the 7th year of #Riffrafflove the theme was Lucky #7 and all things Vegas! To see a lot of cute instas from the party look at the hashtag #H7BDRRFAY

3Check out the super cute invites featuring none other than our forever #MCM, Bradley Cooper.

4The storefront was decked out with a bouncer straight from Vegas.

5As soon as you walked in your dreams came true because you got the chance to smooch Bradley.

We even had fun little sale scratch-offs!

8Photobooth feat. The cast of  “The Hangover”


What’s a bday party without food & party punch???

13Everyone at HQ & the store got super cute matching t-shirts to celebrate!

14Now the really fun part!!!! Are you feelin’ lucky??? Comment below and tell us about the absolutely luckiest thing that’s ever happened to you! We’ll pick 5 winners to receive a VIP swag bag full of goodies.

105 thoughts on “Riffraff Turns 7

  1. carly bright

    Ok I saw all the cute pics on Instagram last week, but seeing all these definitely makes me regret not stoping by!! 😦 adorable. hope to win a swag bag to make up for my serious FOMO lol

  2. Cassie Ingersoll

    After working full time through college and missing out on SB every year, I am taking a 7 day cruise this Spring Break! Shout out to a new AMAZING job, vacation time, and a fam willing to plan a whole trip!

    XOXO Cassie

  3. Megan Reily

    The luckiest thing that ever happened to me was winning 5th row tickets on the radio to see Blake Shelton at Wrigley Field! Best concert of my life.

  4. Lauryn Grisham

    Last year, all my friends and I went to Las Vegas for Spring Break. It happened to be the same week as the annual pizza industry conference, and we ended up getting free bottle service from a pizza mogul throwing a literal pizza party.

  5. Emily

    Staying on theme with The Hangover – My friends and I were abroad a couple of years ago, enjoying ourselves a little too much at the local pub beneath our hotel (the. coolest. ever.). Shot after shot after several shots of goldschlagger (tastes like Christmas, btw!!) we went and walked the streets of Ireland. God knows how we managed our way around town and made our way safely back to the hotel, but we did it! There were some later discovered videos and a bruise above my eyebrow (NOT on fleek) but many laughs! Lucky to be alive?!

  6. kennedyrickard

    I love this theme so much! I wish I had been able to make it and show my #riffrafflove! The VIP bags are a great extension of the celebration!

  7. Stephanie C

    I won Keith Urban tickets one time!! But really the luckiest thing is being ~practically~ birthday twins with Riffraff 😉 #aquariuslove

  8. Ana Alvarez

    The Luckiest thing to ever happen to me was getting a surprised sky driving trip with my mom this past summer, it was by far the best experience ever!

  9. Amy Dworak

    The luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me happened just last week! Totally forgot to study for my exam for one of my classes and ended up getting an A on it….have to say all luck!!! and thank gosh for that luck or that would’ve gone really bad

  10. Megan

    When I was 18 years old I won $25,000 on a scratch off lottery ticket. I literally couldn’t breathe the moment I scratched off my lucky number that was 25. That was put towards my college tuition and allowed me to not take on any student debt. It was by far the luckiest thing that has ever happened to me!

  11. Alyssa Lopez

    The luckiest thing that’s every happened to me was getting on tinder one day in Dallas, Tx and ending up meeting my fiancé!! Who would’ve thought an app like that would lead me to the best person I know?! I would say I got pretty lucky since there’s so many people in Dallas!!!

  12. Ashley

    I wish I could be there to celebrate! I have been with you guys from the beginning and watch you bloom into something wonderful! I love seeing what is new and love all the styles! I always receive the best complements on my outfits and it is because of the wonderful styles RIFFRAFF provides!!!

    Any way Happy celebrating!!! 🎉🎂

  13. Sarah Aulsbrook

    Luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me: I got bumped up to a first class flight for my 12 hour flight to Beijing last year *more champagne pls*

  14. tarynashleybrown

    One of the luckiest things I’ve experienced was I got picked to go to The Late Show with Seth Meyers this past January and a few days ago I won free sunless tanning so that’s cool. Loved seeing all your pictures from your birthday! Sad I didn’t get to stop by

  15. Katie Schoening

    Luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me is getting into my dream graduate program, getting married, and moving to North Carolina all within a couple short months!

  16. Brittany Stephens

    The luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me is I won a $50 gift card at work, then one $50 THREE TIMES from those Texas lottery scratch offs!! I was so happy, it was a blessing! 🙂

  17. Julianne

    Happy bday! The luckiest thing to happen to me was when Laura Bell Bundy showed up at my parents’ work place and my mom let me skip school to spend the afternoon with her

  18. Reynolds Chew

    I wasn’t able to come to the party because of studying but it looked like so much fun!! The luckiest thing that has happened to me was yesterday I was supposed to have a quiz in my Intermediate Accounting II class and instead of making us take it he gave us a completion grade!!!!!

  19. Jessie

    I won a $50 Home Depot gift card but I gave it to my grandpa because that is his favorite place to go to get out of the house. #riffrafflove #riffraffloyalist 😊❤️

  20. Destiny Kimmel

    The luckiest thing to ever happen to me was I offered to take off work and give a speech about my destination (a trip to another country through Girlscouts) in front of a bunch of younger girlscouts and the CEO of GirlScouts showed up (even though she was supposed to be on vacation) and offered me a job at her corporate office! I was so excited and I can’t wait to start working for her!

    Absolutely love everything about your store and can’t wait to get all my senior picture outfits through y’all!

  21. Lindsey Wilkerson

    Loved seeing all your posts about your bday!!!!!! Wish I could have been there 😦 The luckiest thing that ever happened to me: I had been eyeing a full length mirror for my new apartment. When I went to purchase, expecting to pay $400, I found out at the register it was on MAJOR sale, like 80% major. Totally made my week!!!

  22. Hilary

    At a friends bachelorette party in Nashville last year, we were eating dinner and found out Reba was eating at the same restaurant. She was kind enough to take a picture with us even after we interrupted her meal 😬

  23. Avery

    I’ve never felt more lucky than the day I got my acceptance to medical school! To see my dream become a reality was the most amazing feeling, and I have felt lucky every day since.

  24. Shelby

    I feel like the luckiest girl to be from Fayetteville and have shopped at Riffraff since day 1, and to now live in Dallas where the only other Riffraff is located. #blessed #feelinlucky Happy Birthday, Riffraff!!!

  25. Pauline

    Such a cute party! I feel lucky that I’ve been able to move to Fayetteville and be a part of such a great community!

  26. Ashley Garcia

    I MET PATRICK DEMPSEY! I went on vacation a few years ago with my boyfriend and his family, and we were following a bike race around a few cities in Colorado. They’re all super into riding, so of course I tagged along asking who everyone was. There was a big crowd around one of the trailers, and when I was about to ask which rider was coming out, it was McDreamy himself! I fangirled SO hard. He was the nicest person and I was so stunned that all I could say was “that’s Patrick Dempsey! That’s Patrick Dempsey!” My boyfriend was the best and said “Hey Patrick (like they were pals on a first name basis) can we get a picture?” He stopped without hestation, introduced himself, asked what my name was, gave me a hug, and smiled for a picture. I was caught off guard in the best possible way. To this day I still rave about it. All because we wanted to see a bike race!

  27. Britt White

    I used to Irish Dance at a local Irish Pub every weekend (sounds weird, but was SO awesome as a young kid). One night after our show, we were asked to perform in the banquet room located on the lower level for a private party….low & behold….Harrison Ford & Clalista Flockhart’s family reunion was happening!! We got to Irish Dance for them and hang out and chat for a little while. It was so amazing and they were just the nicest people I have ever met! Wouldn’t trade that memory for anything. Now that I’m talking about it, I need to dig up that photo!

  28. Kaley

    Not actually the luckiest thing ever, but it’s Riffraff related, so it’s more fun😉 Way back before Riffraff was Insta Famous I won one of the original state love tees on Instagram! Pre Charlie Southern even. Totally still rock it, it just keeps getting softer!😍

  29. mxg91

    My boyfriend took me to see a comedy show (Gilmore Guys, 100% recommend), in Dallas on my birthday, which also happens to fall 3 days after Christmas. We live 5 hours from Dallas so that was a big deal that he made that happen for me, but that’s not the lucky part. After laughing and smiling for about 3 hours straight, we got back to my car and I noticed the passenger side window was completely shattered. That was also not the lucky part.

    I started crying my eyes out when I realized everything we brought with us to stay overnight was stolen. This included our clothes, my new Madewell tote I had just gotten for Christmas, and iPad, reading glasses, sunglasses, a blanket, etc. You name it, they took it. They even took a little bag with our toothbrushes. Our toothbrushes, you guys. I already don’t like celebrating my birthday is jinxed. So the toothbrushes was a low blow for me.

    After waiting for 3 hours for the cop to get there so we could file a report is when the luckiness really got going. No, seriously. The cop that filed the report was so nice and comforting, and he bought me a birthday drink. All the while my boyfriend is standing outside in the freezing rain trying to cover up my window enough for us to drive 5 hours back home.

    The entire drive home my boyfriend held my hand and gave me his coat so I wouldn’t be too cold in the backseat. He had to stop multiple times to fix my card boarded window, and he refused to let me out of the car to help. That night was when I realized how lucky I am to have someone like him in my life. He is truly the luckiest thing to ever happen to me.

    Also, a few days later I called Madewell to order a new bag at the same discounted price my sister got it for and they ended up just sending me a new bag for free. AND one of the Gilmore Guys reached out to me to apologize for that night and offered to put us on their list for their next show in Austin. So, that was pretty lucky, too.

  30. Katherinne

    Last summer my sister and I went to Austin City Limits fest and during the A$AP Rocky show he had a mosh pit and I fell down and lost one of my shoes. For the rest of the night I went on with only one shoe. After the last show I waited for the stage to clear off a bit and I had my sister look for my right shoe. Luckily I found it and didn’t have to be bear foot for the rest of the night.

  31. Ashley Richards

    My luckiest moment is necessarily as “cheery” as some of these others but I feel dang lucky to have had it. My grandfather had suffered w/ a degenerative lung disease for the past 6 yrs, and took an unexpected turn for the (way) worse last month that landed him in the ICU and then in hospice. My family spent all of their free time for 2 weeks at the hospital. In and out of his room & the waiting room etc. And I have a big family. I’m talking 15+ adults & children there at all times of the day and night. So there wasn’t much alone time for anyone while visiting. One Friday night, a few hours after my husband and I had left the hospital from that days visit, I had the sudden urge to go back by myself. And I’ll be forever glad I did. When I got there, my family had all gone to their homes & hotels and my grandmother had left to tend to their dogs. When I realized he was alone I was hesitant to let my papa have some uninterrupted rest, but he said his sweetie (what he called me) he’d be more upset if I left than if he didn’t get some extra (much needed for him) shut eye. So I laid there, holding his hand with my head on his chest, just talking. About past memories, the future he knew he wouldn’t physically be a part of, how he wanted to see his dogs one more time and how I was scared of loosing him. I stayed there for hours. Most of which was filled with silence, but it was perfect. The next day when I arrived at the hospital, he had taken a drastic turn during the night and was unresponsive, barely able to breath and only absorbing 30% of the oxygen he was receiving. My whole family stayed crowded in his room the entire day. And I know he was aware of the love that filled that room. He passed surrounded by his loved ones that evening. I will forever cherish that night I felt drawn to go back. I feel extremely thankful, blessed and lucky to have gotten to spend that little bit of extra quality time with him. It will forever be, to me, the luckiest moment in my life.

  32. Morgan B

    A fun lucky moment ties into y’alls Feeling Lucky, Vegas theme! I was at The Blue Man Group show at the Venetian a few years ago and I got to go on stage in the middle of their performance! Such and exhilarating experience. I’m also lucky my clumsy self didn’t fall up or down those stairs or off stage hahaha

  33. Heather

    I’ve been lucky plenty of times, but I won a mattress set from a furniture store a few years ago & a few months before that I won a $400 watch. My luck hasn’t been as good since though. 🙂
    Also I love Riff Raff!

  34. CarrieH

    HBD! I am lucky that I met my husband when I moved here 13 years ago. We have a beautiful smart caring daughter so I feel like the luckiest woman alive.

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