Dress With Pants


Dress with pants!!!! You hate it already, don’t you? When I saw page 60 of this month’s Glamour Magazine, I immediately had flashbacks to 5th grade Betsy in flare jeans from Kohl’s with a bedazzled, everyshadeofblueever, spaghetti strap dress on top. Cringeworthy and then some, right? Apparently not!! 5th grade Betsy and the rest of us with our tween dress + jeans combo were just ahead of the curve. Trendsetters like my beloved Leandra Medine of Man Repeller and others (Elizabeth Banks on the red carpet, Chriselle Lim in Paris just being her fab self) have worn the heck out of this trend and we here at Riffraff are inspired.

Polls in Glamour said 50% of women would rock this trend, while the other 50% wouldn’t waste two outfits in one day. While that makes sense, we’re falling in the former group for this post.


First, I styled Faith in a simple, white, sheath dress over light washed distressed jeans. The differing textures of the two pieces complemented each other and tbh there wasn’t any other reasoning behind it besides I liked it a lot. Throw on a heavy gold necklace and our retro Arkansas hat and you can easily go to brunch with your friends or go to class. Easy, breezy, low maintenance.

IMG_9834Kenzie is a little more casual in classic Riff Raff style with brightly colored, fun bellbottoms and a tiered, cotton dress over it. Add a drop necklace and you’re good.


Emily’s look is my personal fave with a offtheshoulder, black and white dress with slits that show just enough of the light wash boyfriend jeans. No pair of boyfriend jeans is complete without absurdly high heels so I had to add those also. And between you and I the dress is actually a two piece set which makes it a thousand times cooler. Are you up for rocking this look? Post in on instagram and hashtag it “#riffrafflove”!!!!!!!!


Written, styled, and photographed by Betsy Lotspiech, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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