Festival Do’s and Don’ts

For all those music festival lovers out there, this post is for you. Whether it is your first or fifty-ith festival, these simple do’s and don’t will be a lifesaver and leave you looking like a boho babe.

PIC 1Featured the THML: Explore With Me Embroidered Blouse and One Teaspoon: Bandit Shorts- Romance

Do: Get excited!

Festivals are all about having fun and living in the momment. This is going to be an experience of a lifetime. Being carefree and living in the now is just as immportant (if not more) as what you wear.

Don’t: Stress!

It is not possible to see every band that plays. Experience what you can and do not FOMO about what you could be doing. Also do not stress about what you’re wearing. It really does not matter what nail polish color you have on or if your shoes perfectly match your purse… Simplicity is always better when you’re going for that ideal bohemian look and lifestyle.

Do: Wear deodorant.

Nothing could possibly be worse if you forget this. Don’t be smelly, that’s just bad vibes.

Don’t: Cake on the makeup.

Let’s just say less is more. You definilty do not need to be looking uptown funk at music festivals. Chances are you are just going to sweat that ish off. Not only will it not last the day, but having a fresh face will also feed to that bohemian look that we know you are going for. Try trading out that foundation for paint! So fun and so festival.

PIC 2Featured the A New Love Floral Tank Dress and the Darling Diva Chambray Dress

Do: Wear something comfortable.

You will be dancing and grooving all day long without the ability to easily go “home”(aka your tent) and change.  So it is VERY important that you wear something that is comfortable and will last the entire day.

Don’t: Wear too many accessories or accessories that can easily get caught on something.

Let’s be honest… any concert you go to your personal space is invaded. Wearing too many accessories can run the risk of getting caught on anything or anyone. Even a purse with frindge (I know we love fridge too) can get caught on anything that sticks out. So yes layer up the necklaces but just be careful you are not going over the top, you will thank us later.

Do: Wear cool sunnies!

Yes SUNNIES! Sunglasses can completely transform your outfit. There are so many different styles, shapes, and colors so play around and find the pair that will make you the coolest and cutest boho babe. We have tons on our site right now so check them out now!

PIC 3Don’t: Go over the top.

Minimal effort can be used to make that perfect bohemian look.  There is no reason to perfect every inch of your body. Wear something you love but it doesn’t need to take that much effort.

Do: Make a fashion statement with a simple dress.

We love how girly yet easy a dress is and can make you look. Its fun, comfortable and so perfect for summer music festivals. The best part about them is it doesn’t take much thought, you can throw them on and you’re good to go. Just do not forget to wear spanks or you make flash some friends with your sick dance moves.

PIC 4Don’t: Wear designer shoes or bags.

They may be your favorites or brand new but please leave these items at home. I know you want to show them off but it is not worth the risk of having them get ruined in the rain or mud. Let alone there are a lot of people there and some of them may have a questionable sketch-level.

Do: Experiment with a new fashion trend.

Festivals are the perfect time to think out of the box and experiment with new trends. Everyone falls in love with trends they see on Pinterest but are too afraid to try them out with the usual crowd you hang around. So during festivals you are surrounded by people you do not know and the ones you do know are your best friends so be adventurous and try those trends out!

PIC 5Featured the Teach Me How to Denim Jumpsuit

Don’t: Forget to stay hydrated or eat a full meal.

It is easy to get distracted by the music, but days are long and you need to take care of yourself. Drink lots of water and pack easy to eat meals like pb&js and protein bars. Food is over priced at festivals so the more food and drinks you bring the more money you will save.

Do: Take lots of pictures!

You will want to remember this weekend. Take pictures and show off how great of time you were having and how cute and boho your outfits were!

PIC 6_2Featured the THML: Wander About Babydoll Blouse and the One Teaspoon: Awesome Baggies- Blue Jack

Written, Styled, and Photographed by Emily Weech, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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