Go Grammy

The Grammy’s are known as the fashion free-for-all of award season. Risks are taken and some succeed and inspire new trends for the calendar year. Others crash and burn so badly that you can’t help but stare no matter how much you want to look away. It seemed that his year everyone played it really safe. I would go as far as to say that I was disappointed. Grammy fashion is normally head-turning. Celebs can get away with almost anything and normally they use that to their advantage. However, there were still some brilliantly dressed stars with gowns that we are dying over. So rest assured, the ladies of #clubriffraff are hear to help guide you through the style trends of the 2016 Grammy’s…

Big, Bold and Beautiful

Celebs took risks with bright colors but they totally paid off!

Red Revelation

Classic red looks on the red carpet never goes out of style.

Shine Bright,  Shine On

Shimmer is a nutural, isn’t it?

Black Ops

These stars played it safe with color but the styles were risky.


And here is a picture of the Biebs and his brother just because…

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