Betsy Loves Pinterest

Everyone loves Pinterest! Whether you’re looking for a popsicle recipe, pics of your fave hollywood hunk to stare at, some words to inspire you, or a million pins of gallery walls, Pinterest literally has it all. Birds in hats? 7 boards. Mashed potato bouquet? Yes! But the best thing Pinterest has is the ShopRiffraff account! (or so I think, but I’m biased).

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.03.23 PM

On our page color coded by MOI we’ve got 45 boards of everything you want to see: pink vintage cadillacs, leonardo dicaprio (be still my heart), santorini sunsets, all of our new arrivals everyday, funny cats, tastefully bad language, Wes Anderson, Drake on cake, cliche but undeniably YUM donuts, all of our blogs posts, and everything funfetti. The Best of What’s New has our new arrivals pinned to it everyday and #Riffrafflove is where you can find all of our newest blog posts! Occasionally, I’ll post links to our various social media outlets as well as info about our contests, sweepstakes, and sales! Check out my fave boards (ART, not bald, and picture perfect) any day of the week for new pins and new pinspiration.


A Bit About Me: The Pinner

I have pink hair

I could eat pad thai for every meal

I grew up in a blue house

I haven’t painted my toenails in two years

I have an ass tatt

I love funny bird videos

I regularly have nightmares about sharks

I once fell off a roof in Peru

I only listened to 70s music until 9th grade


Written and Curated by Betsy Lotspiech, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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